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Forensic Architecture

Forensic Architecture is a distinctive practice that began approximately 25 years ago in response to a need for experts to analyze, and if necessary, testify in court cases about deficient practices or acts in the building construction industry.

A Forensic Architect uses scientific facts and technical knowledge to analyze and report on facility designs, codes and standards, design changes, design build, HVAC and energy systems, site designs and retaining walls, suitability of use, construction delays, construction changes, damage to work in progress, drawing adequacy, drawing clarity, drawing compliance,  drawing interpretation, product substitution, workmanship, quality control, settling, collapse, site drainage, and water intrusion.

As a Forensic Architect, I have been called upon to be an expert witness in court to provide technical analysis and testimony.  I have been involved with extensive Arbitration and Mediation, Jury Trials, analysis of documents, destructive and non-destructive building autopsy, reconstruction documents, depositions, building code reviews, American with Disabilities Act reviews.






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